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intuitive field computing for rugged applications

  As far as toughness and reliability go, Juniper Systems’ rugged handhelds simply can’t be beat. But some applications just don’t need that level of ruggedness, nor the amount of support that Juniper Systems’ handhelds provide. And for those, we offer our Cedar line of handhelds— the perfect mesh of ruggedness and affordability that gives you exactly what you need at a price you’ll love.

What’s more, Cedar products run Android® OS, providing you with thousands of field-ready business apps and Google services.

Which product is right for me?

Compare each product line below to decide which type of device fits your needs best. To learn more about whether Juniper Systems or Cedar Tree products are right for you, or to place an order, contact us today.


Now running Android 6.0 with a speedy new processor, the CT7G Rugged Tablet is ready to ramp up your data collection process in tough environments. It’s got the outdoor visibility you need on a large, 7-inch display, a battery with enough juice to run all day long, and the ruggedness required to perform reliably in any environment. Not only that, but the CT7G also provides the versatility to choose from thousands of business-ready apps on the Google Play Store. All of this and more, at an affordable price that makes the CT7G an easy choice. So put down that fragile smartphone, pick up the CT7G, and get out there.

For CT7G specifications click here or contact us to purchase.


For Cedar product support click here


Brought to you by Juniper Systems, the Cedar CT5 Rugged Handheld gives you the rugged durability you need at a price that you won’t bat an eye at. The CT5 takes on big upgrades over its predecessor to provide you with a new and improved Android® 6.0 operating system, faster, more powerful processing capabilities, longer battery life, greater memory, and more. And with thousands of available apps to choose from, the CT5 is ready and waiting to get to work.

For CT5 specifications click here or contact us to purchase.


For Cedar product support click here

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