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      Camelion specializes in the research, development and manufacture of quality-constructed battery, charger, flashlight, lighting and related energy products. With a wide range of quality products, our distribution network is on every continent and in many countries worldwide. Our international reputation is based on an extensive international network of business partners and distributors, as well as manufacturing; warehousing and customer service to ensure consumers can buy Camelion products anywhere, anytime.

The Camelion Product Line

Camelion produces a wide range of products to suit most applications. Camelion products are:
- Powerful And Reliable . Your appliances can rely on Camelion power and durability.
- Environmentally Friendly. By using leading edge technology and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes we help keep our planet green and your appliances safe.
- Suitable for More Applications Camelion produces a broad range of products to suit many applications.

Primary Batteries At A Glance

Camelion primary batteries include Alkaline and Zinc Chloride Batteries. These are designed
to be reliable, long lasting and easy to use. Alkaline batteries have long lasting
power, excellent shelf life, and are ideal for most high power devices such as CD players,
PDAs and remote controls. Zinc Chloride batteries are leakage proof,  have a long shelf
and service life and supply economic power for a wide range of devices such as flashlights,
radio cassettes, recorders, remote controls and clocks.

Rechargeable Batteries At a Glance

Rechargeable batteries work fast and provide you the perfect support for your
entertainment, mobile and toy applications. Including Ni-Cd and Ni-MH
products, this product line offers you sizeable benefits: up to 1000 recharging
cycles, minimal memory effect, high capacity and long service life.

Chargers - Flexibility for Different Budgets

Camelion chargers are designed to meet various situations and needs. There
are essentially 4 types: Microprocessor Controlled Chargers, Plug-in Chargers,
Travel Chargers and Universal Chargers.

Flashlights - For High Performance And Good Looks

In addition to batteries, Camelion also provides you flashlights with sleek
 design anderful performance.

LithiumDigi AlkalineSuper Heavy DutyMicro BatteriesAlways ReadyChargersFlashlight & LanternsCar Charger

Photo Camelion Item No. Description of Goods 
Lithium Battery
  • Up to 7X Longer Usage Time than normal alkaline batteries when used in high drain devices
  • 15 Year Storage Life
  • Super Light Weight Battery
  • High Operating Voltage and Flatter Discharge Curve
  • Superior Leakage Resistance
  • Superior Low and High Temperature Performance
  • Perfect Replacement for standard alkaline batteries
  • No Environmentally Harmful Compounds such as mercury, cadmium, or lead. The Camelion Lithium P7 battery is long lasting in every way. It offers exceptional power for high drain devices such as digital cameras as well as other benefits.
FR6-BP2 Lithium battery, AA size Data sheet
FR03-BP2 Lithium battery, AAA size Data sheet
DiGi Alkaline battery
Camelion Digi Alkaline batteries offer the maximum capacity from a single use battery. They can:
  • Readily start up high drain devices with dynamic instantaneous power
  • Deliver a stable current for many hours
  • Offer long lasting power and shelf life
  • Provide ideal power for most high powered operated devices such as CD players, toys, PDAs, electric games, radios, flashlights and remote controls
LR6-BP4DG Digi Alkaline battery, AA size Data sheet
LR6-BP2DG Digi Alkaline battery, AA size Data sheet
LR03-BP4DG Digi Alkaline battery, AAA size Data sheet
LR03-BP2DG Digi Alkaline battery, AAA size Data sheet
Super Heavy Duty battery
The Camelion Super Heavy Duty Battery uses manganese dioxide for the positive active material, and zinc chloride, ammonium chloride for the electrolyte. This unique construction is designed to improve the stability of the battery and its service life. It supplies economical power for a wide range of devices such as flashlights, radio cassettes, recorders, remote controls and clocks.
R20P-BP2B Super Heavy Duty battery, D size Data sheet
R14P-BP2B Super Heavy Duty battery, C size Data sheet
R6P-BP4B Super Heavy Duty battery, AA size Data sheet
R6P-BP2B Super Heavy Duty battery, AA size Data sheet
R03P-BP4B Super Heavy Duty battery, AAA size Data sheet
R03P-BP2B Super Heavy Duty battery, AAA size Data sheet
6F22-BP1B Super Heavy Duty battery, 9V size Data sheet
Lithium Button Cell
Small electronic items demand even smaller batteries. Camelion button cells provide high energy in small packages. They are suitable for car keys, calculators, cameras, hearing aids and many other electronic gadgets.
  • Light and comfortable
  • Reliable, steady power output
  • Easy to use
  • Leading edge technology
CR2032-BP5 Lithium button cell Data sheet
CR2025-BP5 Lithium button cell Data sheet
CR2016-BP5 Lithium button cell Data sheet
AlwaysReady rechargeable battery Camelion AlwaysReady is a pre-charged long-life rechargeable battery that saves energy and money to the consumer. It provides excellent performance-to-cost advantages over both conventional dry-cell batteries and other rechargeable batteries. One of its best advantages is able to maintain 85% the capacity after 1 year of storage once fully charged.
NH-AA2500ARBP2 AlwaysReady Ni MH rechargeable battery, AA size, 2500mAh Data sheet
NH-AAA900ARBP2 AlwaysReady Ni MH rechargeable battery, AAA size, 900mAh Data sheet
NH-9V200ARBP1 AlwaysReady Ni MH rechargeable battery, 9V size, 200mAh Data sheet
Battery Charger Rechargeable batteries and portable chargers save you money, and minimize environmental waste, by allowing you to use the same battery again and again.
  • 2 Independent Channels,, charge 1~2 pairs of NH/NC AA/AAA battery
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Red LED Indicator
  • Charging or Charge Completed: LED constant on
  • Input: 230V~50Hz
  • Output: 2 x (2.8V 200mA) AA Size
    2 x (2.8V 120mA) AAA Size
  • Mini USB charger, charge 1~2pcs of NH/NC AA/AAA battery;
  • Charging Function Charger is designed to charge 2 pcs NC/NH AA/AAA batteries
  • Reverse Polarity Protection Specially designed slots prevent incorrect connection of the batteries
  • Red LED Indicator
  • Charging or Charge Completed: LED constant on
  • Input: 5V 500mA
  • Output: 2.8V 150mA AA/AAA size
Flashlight & Lantern Camelion flashlights comprise one of the broadest series in the industry, from standard to extreme performance tools
PT6L2D 2D size, 6LED rubberized flashlight Specification
PT3L2AA 2AA size, 3 LED rubberized flashlight Specification
FL6L2D 2xD size, 6LED flashlight Specification
FL3L2AA 2xAA size, 3LED flashlight Specification
RS660-TUV 60 LEDs rechargeable working light, built-in one 3NH-AA800 battery pack, with 12V &110V adaptor, with magnet holder Specification
RS650-TUV 1W LED rechargeable lantern, color box packing, TUV plug, Specification
Car Charger Car Charger Camelion car adapters are specially designed to allow you play with your music players, PSPs and other gadgets right away
DD801 Car Charger with Dual USB Port Up to 5V, 2100mA direct power sources for iPad, iPod units, iPhone, mobile phones, PSP, Blackberry, Digital
cameras and other music players and devices. Just plug it in to your car cigarette or plug into electric socket, power up and start to play.

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